Happy New Year, Happy New Yard!


Semi inground Radiant Metric pool

During this time of year, one of the questions I most often hear from customers is: "When is the best time to have my pool installed and get the best deal? Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall? Well the answer to this question, at least in most cases, is relatively simple. Winter is the best time to buy and install a pool. Why, you ask? There are three very good reasons:

1. Lowest Prices: Most folks are not thinking about a pool during the colder months. But they should. That is when we are very eager to sell our on hand inventory at the absolute lowest prices.

2. Cost of Goods Increases: It never fails. Whether it is inflation, the cost of labor increases or the cost of materials. We see them every year. So take advantage of the low winter prices while you can.

3. Landscaping: Because the installation of a swimming pool will always cause some damage to a yard, it will take some time to re-grow the grass/vegetation around the pool area. This is why it's typically better to give yourself a few months for proper landscaping and vegetation growth. It will also allow plenty of time to build a deck or patio before the swimming season arrives.

But what about a Spring installation?  Well I can only think of one advantage to a Spring Pool Installation:

1. Less time looking at the pool: Frankly, this is the only advantage I can think of when debating over whether to have a winter pool installation versus a spring installation. For some consumers, the thought of having to wait 4-6 months before they can use their pool after its completion is too much to bear. For others, the money saved makes the wait well worth it.

So if you are thinking about a pool, and you can handle some patience and planning, consider taking advantage of the benefits of a Winter installation.  You'll be way ahead of the game and enjoying a swim when the warm weather starts to make everyone else think about how refreshing their own pool would feel!

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