Brilliance® pH Decreaser with Mineral Salts

Lowers spa water pH levels.  Contains mineral salts for a fresh scent.

For perfect water balance Brilliance® provides you everything you need to help you keep pH, total alkalinity and hardness all within the proper range.

Test your spa water weekly as part of your routine spa care program and add water balance products as needed.

No-Chlorine. No hassle, Brilliance® for spas is unlike other bromine-based spa care systems, Brilliance® for spas is also better for spas. It won’t upset the delicate balance of a spa’s water chemistry, like other bromine and chlorine products that affect the pH. Converting a hot tub to chlorine-free, Brilliance® for spas takes just minutes.

Because Brilliance® for spas is a smart decision for your customers, it’s a smart decision for you. With Brilliance® for spas in your store, you’ll achieve solid profit margins. In addition, you’ll have access to a complete, branded line of Brilliance® for spas products.