Brilliance® Start-Up

Establishes a “bromide bank” in the spa water.  Used to ensure immediate bromine level is produced.  Use every time the spa is drained and refilled.

No-Chlorine. No hassle, Brilliance® for spas is unlike other bromine-based spa care systems, Brilliance® for spas is also better for spas. It won’t upset the delicate balance of a spa’s water chemistry, like other bromine and chlorine products that affect the pH. Converting a hot tub to chlorine-free, Brilliance® for spas takes just minutes.

Because Brilliance® for spas is a smart decision for your customers, it’s a smart decision for you. With Brilliance® for spas in your store, you’ll achieve solid profit margins. In addition, you’ll have access to a complete, branded line of Brilliance® for spas products.