Freeflow 50 SQ FT Filter Cartridge


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No matter the model of your spa or hot tub, or when it was made - it's important that you regularly change your filter to prevent bacteria build-up. Choose from our selection of hot tub filters to find the right replacement hot tub filter for your spa - at the right price!

Hot Spring Spa filters are a vital part of any spa system. Spa filters regulate the water that enters your spa and keep debris, dirt, and other items from floating into the pipes and damaging the pump and inner workings of your hot tub.

    • This Filter is designed to fit the following spas: Free Flow Emerald 2012, Free Flow Tri Star 2009-2015, Free Flow Azure 2009-2015, Free Flow Monterey 2012-2015, Free Flow Cascina 2013-2015, Free Flow Mini 2015, Free Flow Excursion 2007-2015, Free Flow Solstice 2006-2014, Free Flow Accent 2006-2014, Free Flow RLX 2005-2008, Free Flow TLX 2005-2008, Free Flow CLX 2005-2008, Free Flow Passport 2005-2011, Free Flow Crossfire 2006-2008, Free Flow Legend 2005-2008, Free Flow SLX 2007-2008.