Give Your Child a Head Start by Teaching Them to Swim

May 01, 2016

child learning to swim

Did you know that swimming isn't just great exercise and fantastic family fun?  Learning to swim can actually help your child develop mentally and physically.  According to a study led by Griffith University in Australia, children under five years old who learn to swim showed more advanced development by up to fifteen months ahead of their non-swimming counterparts.  That's not just physical development and confidence either.  Their cognitive skills, problem solving in mathematics, counting, language, and ability to follow instructions were all more developed by at least six months up to around fifteen months.  That's quite an impressive head start for someone who has only existed for up to 60 months!  So when you consider the improvements a swimming pool can make to your life, don't forget to include better grades for your small children.  Splish Splash, they'll be acing that class! Let the Pool Specialists at Leisure Depot help you plan an awesome summer AND a head start for your family.



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