April 08, 2022


You strive to be your best at work, at home, and at everything you do. Most days you're satisfied with what you've accomplished, but there are times when you glance at the clock and realize it's already 3:00 pm and you haven't made a dent in your to-do list. If you need help getting things done, there's no shortage of productivity tools available. There are apps to manage your schedule and share tasks, YouTube videos to demonstrate how to prioritize your time or organize your closet, and life coaches, workshops, and online courses to help you set and achieve goals.

These productivity boosters are just one part of the equation. To perform at a consistently high level, the key is to build healthy, productive habits and stick with them until they become an established part of your daily routine.


Maintaining good habits isn't always easy. How many times have you congratulated yourself for getting into a positive new routine, only to revert to old patterns a few days later? So many things, trivial or significant, can knock you off track - a bad night's sleep, a traffic jam on the way to work, a sick child, a global pandemic. Whatever the reason, you'll miss a day, then a couple more, and suddenly you're back where you started — and the habit you felt so good about is now just a memory. Why does this happen, and how can you avoid it?

A successful and productive routine begins with thoughtful planning. As you create and execute your plan, be on the lookout for these common pitfalls:

  • Having unrealistic expectations of yourself.
  • Being a perfectionist.
  • Not allowing time in your schedule for things to go wrong.
  • Forgetting to schedule breaks and downtime.
  • Focusing too much energy on one area of your life.
  • Committing to a process or activity that you don't enjoy.
  • Committing to a habit that is inconvenient, impractical, or doesn't fit your lifestyle.
  • Procrastinating, justifying, and overthinking.
  • Creating goals that don't lead you where you ultimately want to go.

Avoiding these common productivity roadblocks will help you stay on track as you work toward your goals. Planning out your day will not only help you organize your time and maintain healthy habits but can provide you with a sense of control and reduce stress, even during uncertain times.

A daily soak can improve flexibility and aid muscle recovery after a hard workout.


At Hot Spring® Spas we believe in creating a healthy, sustainable routine that allows you to balance work, family, and your own personal well-being. Having a hot tub at home can help. Starting your day with a warm, invigorating soak in your Hot Spring spa can deliver the focus and vitality you need to give your best to whatever is on your to-do list. And that's not all!

Here are just some of the ways your hot tub can help you stick to your routine, feel better, and make progress toward your work, fitness, and family goals:

  • Start Every Day Strong. Scheduling a 20-minute soak first thing in the morning gives you a reason to skip the snooze button and get your day off to an invigorating start.
  • Get Creative in Your Backyard “Think Tank.” Your hot tub time provides the perfect launch pad for productivity by providing a calm, dedicated space that encourages clear thought, creativity, and problem solving.
  • Improve Your Workout. Sore muscles and stiff joints can keep you from your regular workout. Take a soak before or after exercise (or both). Either way, heat therapy helps increase blood flow, stimulate healing, and relax muscles, helping you warm up before you start and recover faster when you're done, so you can keep moving and stick to your healthy routine.
  • Balance Work and Family. Your hot tub can provide you the vitality and focus you need to deliver your best at work. Then, when you come home, you can connect with loved ones in a comfortable, distraction free environment that encourages deep conversations.
  • Have Energy to Take on the Day. Immerse yourself in warm water and invigorating jets — you'll emerge feeling rejuvenated with the vitality you need to make things happen!
  • Prepare to Sleep Soundly. Lack of sleep can make you feel groggy and unmotivated, making it hard to stick to your regular routine. A fifteen minute soak under the stars can help you relax and drop your body temperature, enabling a good nights sleep.

To get the most benefit from your hot tub, use it every day. After a couple of weeks, we're willing to bet it will become a routine you wouldn't dream of missing! Morning, afternoon, or evening — whatever time you choose, a warm soak can help you be at your best and improve your performance at work and at home.

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