Automatic Vacuum Sucks Away Growing Pains

February 29, 2016

Leisure Depot Construction of outdoor


Many of you have probably been in the store or driven by and seen the massive construction project happening outside our doors. It's a very exciting time as we continue to expand and build on our diverse product line. You know what else it is? A big mess! With all the construction creating plenty of dust and debris it has been hard to keep everything out of our pools.


Dirty pool with robotic cleaner 


Many of you come in and ask about our robotic automatic pool cleaners. You ask if they are worth it, and do they really work? The answer is 100% yes! Here is your proof! This little guy has saved us hours upon hours of manual labor keeping the pools clean. Leisure Depot has a full line up of automatic cleaners for every shape and size pool. They are a great way to ensure your spring start up is a breeze.  Come in, see our big project, and talk to one of our specialists about the best automatic vacuum choice for your pool.


Leisure Depot inground pool display

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