Burning to use your Big Green Egg?

February 19, 2015

Are you Egg-cited about starting your new Big Green Egg-venture?  Just like there's no smoke (or awesome food) without a fire... there's no fire without fuel.  So what's the right fuel for your Big Green Egg?  Organic lump charcoal. Leave that bag of Kingsford at the store and come get your organic lump charcoal.  

Why?  There are a few reasons.  First, organic lump charcoal uses no chemicals.  Say goodbye to lighter fluid.  This ensures a chemical free taste to your food, ensuring only the best flavor for your festivities.  Second, organic lump charcoal burns hotter and longer than traditional charcoal.  No more re-filling your grill with more charcoal when slow cooking those racks of ribs or beer can chicken.  Also, organic lump charcoal is reusable!  No more one and done burn a bag charcoal.  You can expect to get anywhere from three to eight grilling sessions per fill of organic lump charcoal, depending on the temperature and length of cooking.  

After you're done preparing the meal of your stomach's dreams, simply shut down your grill and it will be ready for your next match of food meets fire!  Just keep an eye on your charcoal level, add more as needed, and you're ready to keep your family full.

To learn more about organic lump charcoal, feel free to ask any of our grill specialists at Leisure Depot.  If you'd like an in-store demonstration, feel free to bring something to grill and you can taste for yourself why organic lump charcoal and cooking on the Big Green Egg outdoes traditional charcoal grilling.  Oh, and bring enough to share.  Cooking on the Big Green Egg has a way of attracting a crowd!

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