Make a splash with an early pool opening!

March 16, 2015

semi-inground Radiant pool

Do you live someplace that's escaping winter's cold grip?  Why not start enjoying your pool early?  You'll start off a fun and refreshing pool season and you might even save yourself some money at the same time.  How can opening your pool early save you money?  By opening your pool early you have your best shot at starting your season with clean water.


We winterize pools when it's too cold to use them.  That same cold helps keep algae growth and chemical imbalance from degrading your pool water.  There's a reason we treat pool water and use a filter instead of just having a giant water bucket in the yard.  That's to keep the water clean, safe, and healthy - and to keep the algae away.  The longer into the season you wait to open your pool, the warmer the water gets before you start filtering and water treatment.  The warmer stagnant water gets, the more likely it is to develop an algae condition.


So, open your pool while the water is still cooler and you'll tend to have a much easier time getting your water balanced, filtered, and running right.  That saves you money on chemicals you might otherwise need to correct a water condition. In case you need a refresher, or if this is your first time opening your pool for the season, follow these simple steps:


Before you remove your pool cover, make sure to clear off any leaves, water, and debris. This makes it easier to remove the cover and helps avoid dumping all that mess into your pool.  Once you have the cover off, rinse it on both sides, let it dry completely, and then store it for the season.


Next add water until you reach your pool's normal operating level (about halfway up the skimmer) and attach all your filter hoses and connections.  Make sure to prime your pump and filter before turning on the pump.


Now it's time to assess the condition of the pool.  Vacuum if necessary and collect a water sample.  Bring that sample to us at Leisure Depot and we'll do a free water test to check the chemical balance of your water.  Making sure your have the proper chemicals to balance your water is essential to maintaining a safe and crystal clear pool.


Once your water is balanced, just continue your normal maintenance routine.  During the early part of the season make sure you allow your pump to run six to twelve hours per day.  If the water temperature is a little cool, check in with one of our pool specialists for ideas on how to heat your pool. Now you have one more very important step... Enjoy your early pool season and get a jump on what's sure to be a spectacular summer!


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