Finding the Hot Tub that Fits YOU!

April 07, 2015

How would you like to sink into a warm tub of bubbling water while jets shoot soothing streams of water at your aching muscles?  The experience is refreshing, relaxing, and perhaps even better…de-stressing!
Leisure Depot has over 30 spas on display with over 200 models to choose from.  That means that we’ve got just the right model for you!  How do we know?  With that many choices and over 50 years in the business, trust us… we know!   Finding the right hot tub is like finding the right pair of shoes.  You know when you’ve got the right fit and it feels fantastic and comfortable.  In fact, if you bring in a bathing suit, we’ll let you try out our hot tubs right in the store.
Spas are almost always good for relaxation and rejuvenation but did you know that they are also excellent for hydrotherapy?  You can use spas to improve circulation, as well as relaxation and stress relief.  We even have swim spas that can help you exercise with large jets that you swim against in what is known as stationary swimming.  Imagine getting a full swimming workout in a spa that takes up only around twelve to nineteen feet of space! If you find that idea exciting, maybe a swim spa is just right for you.
Leisure Depot is always happy to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams and that includes helping you find the perfect hot tub for you.  Just share what you’re looking for with our specialists and we’ll help you make your dreams come true.  At Leisure Depot, we have all the fun… come get yours!

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