The Continuing Adventures of Big Green Egg Ownership

August 11, 2015

So I am on day 11 of XL Big Green Egg ownership.  I cooked on my egg 10 out of 11 days.  I have cooked a pork tenderloin, a rack of ribs, chicken breasts, 6-minute steaks,pork chops, burgers, and twice now pizza.I had to do pizza twice because last night I burnt the pizza crust, so I had to redeem myself.  

I am used to cooking on the large Egg, and so the transition to the XL has been a challenge.  So as an employee of Leisure Depot, I always ask Egg owners purchasing Eggseccories, what size they have, how they cook things, etc...  I knew that there is a learning curve to the egg, but have found the challenge uplifting.

I leave work every day asking my wife what she would like to cook that evening, and upon arrival at home, my 3 kids immediately ask if we are firing up the Big Green Egg, and not only what we are cooking tonight, but what role they can play in getting it lit.  One wants to pour charcoal, another wants to light the firestarter, another wants to scrub the grill grid.  

The Big Green Egg has literally transformed our summer family experience.  With my old grill, all we did was light the burn a bag charcoal and everyone went inside.  Now, everyone stays outside, shoots some hoops, but interested in what we are cooking and how it is turning out.  Mom has a glass of vino and I get to crack a cold one or two.     

Anything that gets our family involved together is a plus, and amazingly, the XL Big Green Egg has done that.

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