Don't Let The Furniture You Choose Give You The Blues

August 24, 2015

patio furniture material choices

Quality outdoor patio furniture can be a large investment, but it can also offer huge rewards. Comfortable, long lasting furniture will greatly enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor space. And...who knows?... you just might find yourself spending more time in the great outdoors in your own backyard. But, with such a dizzying array of outdoor furnishings available in so many types, what best suits your needs? Lets explore some different options, noting their advantages, drawbacks, and some of the misconceptions about them.

Extruded aluminum...

Lightweight, incredibly strong, never rusts. High grade aluminum is used to construct aircraft for just these reasons...the same reasons that make it ideal for patio furnishings. Extruded aluminum is forced thru a steel die to create lengths of material which can the be bent and welded into finished furniture.The result is a " hollow " material ( flat or tubular ) with reinforcement channels inside for strength. Most of what we think of as patio furniture is extruded aluminum. A big part of it is the the thickness of those outer walls and inner channels. A thicker extrusion will not crack when bent and shaped into furniture. These cracks are often tiny and not noticeable under the paint until the metal begins to break. High end manufactures use extruded aluminum with much thicker outer walls and inner channels that can last a lifetime. If you are looking for furniture that can be moved around easily to accommodate different uses around your patio, pool, or hot tub lightweight extruded aluminum furniture might be just the ticket.

Cast aluminum...

Been looking at that chair that has the perfect Tuscan pattern to suit the look of your home? Most likely you're looking at cast aluminum. Cast aluminum uses molten aluminum poured into a " casting " of sand or steel to create furniture that is solid metal. Elaborate patterns and exquisite detail are some hallmarks of quality cast furniture. Much heavier than its extruded brother, cast aluminum is ideal for areas with higher winds. Anywhere that a more " old world " look is required to compliment the details of your home, or just your personal taste, cast aluminum is a strong contender. And ,of course, no rust ever.

Recycled plastics....

One of the newest categories of outdoor furniture are environmentally-friendly recycled plastics...and why not? With solid, weighty construction, vibrant colors, and almost no upkeep required recycled furniture has become a popular choice for boat docks, and seaside settings among others. Maintenance is as simple as a garden hose and pressure nozzle. Durability?'s plastic. If it will last 500 years in a landfill it ought to do okay in your backyard.

Which leads us to our two most misunderstood categories of furniture....

Cushion Furniture...

Nothing matches the comfort of good cushion furniture. Nothing even comes close. Modern, high-end cushions can offer a level of comfort that will make you King ( or Queen ) of your realm. Still, the most common remark I hear is, " I don't want to take them in and out all the time ". Not necessary...high grade, fast drying foams and miracle fabrics like Sunbrella, Outdura and others assure you that your cushions can be left outdoors, year round, in any weather. What's the worst that can happen? They may still be damp when you want to use them. That's it. These fabrics, also used in boating and commercial applications, are water resistant, stain resistant, and easy to clean. As with slings, they can be replaced by the manufacturer in a huge variety of fabrics.

There are more choices than ever before to compliment your outdoor lifestyle. With a little planning and knowledge you can make a purchase that will give you years of satisfaction.  Our specialists at Leisure Depot are ready to help you make the perfect pick so you can make the most of the magical space right outside your door.  Relax - both before and after your purchase!

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