A Clean Spa Is A Happy You!

September 04, 2015

Imagine slipping into a sparkling clean tub of bubbling hot relaxation...Your spa can relax, refresh, and revitalize your muscles and your spirit! One of the best ways to maintain the water quality in your hot tub is to drain and clean the tub three to four times a year (once each season is a good rule of thumb!). This allows you to always keep fresh clean water cycling through your system and to remove any build up that may have accumulated on the shell of your hot tub.  Here are some simple and easy steps to follow when draining and cleaning your spa.

Step 1. Before you drain your spa, Take your filters out, pour 1 bottle of Jet Cleanser into the water and let it circulate for 15 minutes. Shut the pump off for 1 hour and then turn the pump back on for another 15 minutes. Jet cleanser helps in removing debris, oils, calcium and chemicals that can settle in the plumbing and cleans the internal plumbing

Step 2. Drain your spa. Your spa should have an external drain on it, if not purchase a sump pump and you can drain it in 5 to 10 minutes. Simply connect your hose to the drain to allow the water to drain to an appropriate area.

Step 3. Clean your spa with Surface Cleaner. Apply this product to a non-abrasive cloth or cleaning mitt and clean your spa. Don’t you just love it when your spa is shiny and sparkly!

Step 4. Fill your spa back up to the recommended filling height. Once filled, remember to add your Start-Up Packet to circulate with the pump on for 20 minutes.

Step 5. It’s always a good idea to clean your cover with a cover cleaner to extend the life of the cover.

So there you have it, five easy steps to draining and cleaning your spa. For all of the products mentioned and for all of your spa needs, don’t hesitate to come to Leisure Depot. Don’t forget to bring a sample of your water for our free in-house water test!

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