Give A Little Boost To Your Spa Cover

October 05, 2015

cover rock-it  and cover valet for hot tubWhen it's time to soothe your sore muscles with an invigorating soak in your hot tub, you want the process of getting in to be as effortless as the soak itself!  That's why Leisure Depot offers many options for easy Hot Tub cover removal. Your spa cover can be challenging at times to remove. It’s not that a new cover is very heavy its just larger and awkward to remove, especially with one person on larger units. With the help of a cover lifter one person can easily remove and put the cover back on with minimal effort. The lifter also keeps the cover off the ground so you don't run the risk of sliding it on the ground and possibly scratching or tearing the spa cover. Leisure depots spa cover lifters require anywhere from 8” to 24” of clearance to use. The Rock-It pivots the cover off with a minimum of effort, while the Cover Valet features a hydraulic assist that lets you flip the cover up with minimum effort…using just a couple of fingers! Come in to Leisure Depot and talk with one of our specialists to determine which of these amazingly helpful devices is the best option for you and your specific hot tub installation.

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