A Yeti For The Classroom

October 19, 2015

teacher desk with Yeti Rambler

My wife, Julie, is a special education teacher in one of the local Charleston High Schools. She, like all teachers, has a difficult job. To commemorate the start of the school year, I thought I would give her a going back to school present. So I gave her a Yeti Rambler 30. She loves it...So from my words to hers, I will let her take over this post.

"I drink water all day long and this is the only cup that I feel comfortable putting on my desk. I used to use a Tervis Tumbler, but the sweating and the excess water proved to be an issue with paperwork and data. I liked the quality of the Tervis but it didn't hold the cold and hot like the YETI, and it leaked all over the place. I will never buy anything but a YETI going forward!! Many teachers have watched my cool water holder suffice for hours while navigating around campus. It holds ice from 7 am till 4 pm and doesn't even sweat a drop. I feel confident in placing my YETI anywhere on my desk or my classroom and know it will not ruin papers, grades, computer wires, or lesson plans. It has made hydrating easy! Teachers need H2O.......YETI has made it a no brainer! The only cup I will put on my desk...is a YETI!"

Since then, I purchased my own Rambler 30, and she speaks the truth, it holds ice all day long. Come down to Leisure Depot and you will see every sales person carrying a YETI cup and I assure you it will be filled to the brim with leftover ice. It is worth every penny!

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