Pool School: Winterizing Your Above Ground Pool

October 30, 2015

Pool School: Winterizing Your Above Ground Pool

Isn't it great to live in a beautiful climate that allows us to swim for most of the year? I hope you've been enjoying and continue to enjoy swimming in your own private water wonderland. Some of you may start thinking about closing your pool and for those that do there are some factors you may want to consider.

We are surrounded by beautiful trees, which are full of beautiful leaves. Isn't that great? Well... if you're going to close your pool, it actually becomes something to keep an eye on for more than beauty!  You'll want to try to get your pool covered before it's time for all those beautiful leaves to start falling. That will save a lot of time fishing leaves out of the pool before you close it. You shouldn't leave organic material like leaves inside the pool before you close it for the season. Covering nice clean water that's been treated with the appropriate closing chemicals will give you the best experience when you open the pool again next season.

When you're ready to close your pool, we're here to help you make the transition as simply and seamlessly as possible. Please don't hesitate to ask our knowledgeable pool specialists about any aspect of running or closing your pool.

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