How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Outside

November 19, 2015

Want to celebrate Thanksgiving outside this year?  I have wanted to do this since my first holiday season here in South Carolina.  We are so blessed to have glorious weather in November and this is the year for us to feast al fresco.  I know most outdoor meals tend to be casual affairs at my home, so I am determined not to lose the specialness of our holiday meal just because it is eaten outside.

I have scoured the web, hoping to get some great ideas to make this year’s Feast of Thanks extra special, and this is what I think will make it a Thanksgiving that will start a new family tradition for us.

  1. Make sure you have plenty of outside seating (this is my plug for Leisure Depot). To make this outdoor holiday feast special, I will set up my tables outside just like I would inside.  Complete with centerpieces and handmade place cards.  I found a great craft for the kids to do that uses pine cones and expressions of thanks.  I think mine will say I am so thankful for my amazing family and friends.


  1. I plan on enlisting a little help.  I’m not too proud to ask for help when it comes to executing a large meal like this, so I will enlist the help of family.  I will provide the main meal items (which will be a fabulous slow cooked, mouthwatering, juicy turkey that I slow roasted on my Big Green Egg) but I will ask the guests to provide appetizers and desserts to help round out the Feast of Thanks. (Big Green Egg Turkey Cheat Sheet)


  1. Everything I read says to carve the turkey tableside.  I have to admit, I am a terrible carver of meat.  Whenever I cook a full bird and do not have an experienced carver to help, we usually end up eating like cavemen.  But not for this feast.  I will ask the best carver at the table to help with the carving duties and we will carve it tableside to ensure the meat stays warm and juicy.
  1. Lastly, I hope we are blessed with good weather this year. Everything says to have a plan B, just in case.  I will have a plan B and just bring it back inside.  I hope we don’t have to.  I like the idea of starting a new tradition.  I like the idea of enjoying a great holiday meal outside.  Being with family and friends, showing thanks for what we are grateful for and being together.  For me, that is time well spent outside!

dining al fresco


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