An Ice Birthday with YETI

January 18, 2016

As y'all already know I am a fan of the YETI products that Leisure Depot provides, as acknowledged in my previous posts. From the hard and soft pack coolers to the Rambler cups, YETI products have backed every guarantee they have made and have been worth every dollar invested.

Yeti Colster

A few weeks ago Leisure Depot received our first shipment of the Colster koozies. I bought one for myself as a birthday present. I drink canned beverages and wanted to see what the difference may be between the average neoprene koozie and the YETI. I coach my kids soccer teams and they have very early morning games, and I prefer a can of Diet Coke as an alternative to a morning cup of coffee. The games last about an hour and I can tell you first hand that my Diet Coke stays cold on the bench in my Colster, better than any other soft sided koozie before.

Yeti Rambler lowball 10 oz cup

Today, Leisure Depot received our first supply of the brand new Rambler 10oz series cups. Today also being my wife's birthday, I decided to buy one for her as a gift. She likes ice in her evening beverage and I thought here's another way to take the YETI product test. While the Rambler 10 is designed for a smaller amount of ice and liquid without a top, she tells me that her birthday cocktail is chilled as should be and ice intact. She loves it and, as they say, happy wife, happy life. All of the YETI products I have bought for her have made my life a little easier. So here's a special Happy 40th Birthday to my wife Julie, our head YETI product tester!

Come to Leisure Depot for your favorite YETI supplies. We have a number of products in stock and our staff is ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

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