The Well Kept Spa

January 03, 2016

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Wise spa customers often ask about maintenance when shopping for a new hot tub.  Your spa is an investment and it is smart to understand how to take care of it.  As the Spa Manager at Leisure Depot, I am proud of the fact that our customers can rest assured that Leisure Depot is here to help at every stage of your spa ownership, from purchasing, to ownership and long term maintenance.

A Spa, not unlike your automobile, needs regularly scheduled maintenance.  Unlike an automobile, most of your spa maintenance can be done by the owner. Leisure Depot has a tremendous selection of chemicals, cleaners, and parts in our Pool & Spa Accessories Department. Of course we also test water for customers at no charge and help provide them with the information and chemicals necessary to ensure the most enjoyable spa experience.  Most importantly, the specialists at Leisure Depot are always here to help answer your questions and provide guidance on all maintenance and general care for your spa.

Should you encounter an issue that might require more technical assistance, Leisure Depot has an on-site technician dedicated to our customers. If you find yourself with a service related issue, simply call the store and we will schedule a time for our technician to come to your home and work on the spa.

Leisure Depot, has a knowledgeable and dedicated staff ready to help with any questions our customers have about any of the products we recommend. It’s what makes shopping with us so great. You can always talk to a specialist and we have what it takes to make sure our customers get the best information and the best service.  Why not come in and explore the benefits of spa ownership with one of our specialists today?

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