The Big Green All Night Sixteen Minute Salmon

February 15, 2016

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I was off today, which means it's cooking on the Big Green Egg day! Jules and I decided on salmon.  I looked on the Big Green Egg website for recipes and used O'Neill Willaims' Bourbon Based Salmon recipe. Things got off to a great start, but then life happened...

Let me paint you a picture, and I hope you can relate. Jules gets home and we decide on the menu. She takes the kids (3 of them) to the gym at 4, while I go to the store to get the salmon and marinade. Home by 4:30, I make the marinade and set the marinated fish in the fridge. They get home at 5:30 and it's time to start homework. In a brief moment away, I light the Egg. The recipe calls for 325-350 degrees.

Homework done, I go check on the Egg and find the temperature is 550 degrees. I close the vents on the Egg to cool to the desired temp. Then I get the call for tubbies. When I get a moment, I go check on the Egg and now the temperature is 275. I open the vents again slightly to hopefully get to the desired cooking temp.

Now it's 8pm and bedtime. I ask Jules if she wants me to start cooking, and we both decide to wait...Only a few minutes to put the kids to bed and only 16 minutes for the fish to cook. After kissing my babies goodnight, the Egg temperature is back to 400. I can't win!

I finally am able to focus on the Egg and achieve the recipe's desired temp range. I put the salmon on. As the recipe said, 16 minutes later the salmon is done. Finally, Jules and I dive into the most delicious salmon fillets only possible on the Big Green Egg.

I learned a lot tonight. The Big Green Egg charcoal is amazing for its ability to go from hot to cool and back. That salmon recipe is as advertised, and my kids can make my time cooking on the Egg more challenging, but that only makes me love them more.

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