Food, Wine, and Big Green Eggs

March 09, 2017 1 Comment

Okay, so I was pretty excited. Charleston is known for it's lowcountry cuisine and culinary masterminds. Heck, even this season of Top Chef was located in Charleston! So why was I excited? This year, Leisure Depot was invited to help Big Green Egg at the annual Charleston Wine & Food Festival.

Charleston wine + food festival 2017

Less than a week before the event, we were contacted by our Big Green Egg rep to see if we could come in last minute and provide Eggs and other Eggcessories for this years festival. I ran the idea by the General Manager and, after a quick pow wow, it was a unanimous yes.  I have previously been involved with, and visited this event, but not in this capacity. This year, Leisure Depot was part of the hands on experience. We assisted the Chefs, getting the Eggs prepared to their liking, and with our all access passes, got to taste many of the creations coming off the Eggs at the Culinary Village.

As a guy who regularly uses my XL Egg for normal amazing food, I have never been around renowned Chefs cooking exquisite dishes on the Egg. I couldn't wait to taste what they came up with and was not disappointed. The food was amazing. I was fortunate enough to taste pork belly with chimichurri, duck roulade, quail, and a pork taco. It was a tremendous event and I am happy with our involvement and look forward participating again next year.

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John Kelly
John Kelly

June 08, 2020

I Bought a hot tube at Leasure Depot a Mira Platinum salesperson was Luke, the Spa works Great Im reall happy with it

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