The Gold Path to Clear Pool Water

July 19, 2016

The Gold Path to Clear Pool Water

Here in the Low Country, heat and humidity are a standard state of affairs.  Did you know heat and humidity can also have an effect on your pool?  You can have a chemically balanced pool but still have cloudy water due to the environment. In fact cloudy water can have multiple different causes and not all water clarifier can clear up all cloudy water. 


So how do you know which solution to use?  One new product - Gold N Clear Clarifier - aims to help you narrow down the source of your cloudy water.  The brilliant part of Gold N Clear is the simple test you can do - before you use it - to see if it will work for your situation.  You simply take a small sample of your pool water and put a very small amount of the clarifier into the sample you took.  If you see a blue swirl in your sample water, you know that Gold N Clear Clarifier will work to clear your water.  If not, you know the issue with your water is from another source and will involve further investigation.  If Gold N Clear will work for your situation, you'll only be using 1 oz.  per 6,000 gallons of pool water.  The clarifier contains no dyes, is non-toxic, and is 100% biodegradable.  If your cloudy water is coming from another problem, bring a sample of your water to Leisure Depot and one of our pool specialists will help you diagnose your water and find a solution to get you clean and clear!



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