Outdoor Game Tables

Our regulation outdoor billiard tables use 1" Brazilian slate and can withstand wind, rain, saltwater, and snow. The way they are built is similar to that of a boat. If you keep them clean and take care of them, they will look amazing for years. If you don’t, it will still float. The same concept applies to your outdoor billiard table. If you take care of your table, it will look amazing for years! If you don’t, it will still play!


Maybe you would prefer an outdoor game of cornhole or ping pong. These game tables are made up of high-density polyethylene, are UV stable, and are moisture and mildew resistant. They can withstand outdoor environments without swelling, splintering, or warping. Enjoy friends and families at home and have all the fun in your backyard!  


All of our game tables are for commercial and residential use.


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