Get Comfortable With A New Patio Set

March 28, 2016


If I haven't already introduced myself, my name is Howie, and I manage the casual furniture department at Leisure Depot. I have worked in this space for 12 years now. Every July, I attend the National Outdoor Furniture trade show in Chicago and this helps decide what we continue to keep in stock, what to discontinue, but most of all, what new product to bring in. This is when I get most excited. I'm not an interior designer, but my job is to pick out what I believe people will like to see in their outdoor space.

One thing at the show caught my eye, and I was so excited that we brought it to our showroom. There are so many great qualities to this set. It is a large seating group called the Mayfair Collection, and what is so awesome about this group, is that you can mix and match so many pieces. The cushions are plush and you just fall into them. This set also carries the best warranty in the business, with a 10 year manufacturers warranty on your furniture.

Hanamint Mayfair Collection

I personally invite you to come into Leisure Depot to see not only this new set, but all of the amazing outdoor furniture we have for you to see and try out in our showroom. Leisure Depot has something for everyone we're always excited to help you find the perfect fit for you and your outdoor space.

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