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April 04, 2016

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It may be early in the year, but it is Spring Sports Season at the Frost house. Thankfully the stars aligned and practices fell on the same two days that I have off. On my off days, I like to cook on my Extra Large Egg.

Today I was taking the boys to practice from 5:15-6:30. So I planned a beer can chicken for tonight's menu (substituted with Diet Coke for the kids). At 4:30 I fired up the Egg and Jules and I took our daily 10 minute mile run while the charcoals heated up. Herein lies the problem... Jules has never cooked on the Egg. I told her not to worry.

Upon our return the coal was hot, I put in the Plate Setter, and waited another 10 minutes for the Egg to heat up to about 300. At 5:00, I put the chicken on and was about to drive off to practice. Jules runs up and says "What do I do?" I told her that the bird just needs to cook for about 2 hours, temp needs to be between 300-325 degrees, check on it every 45 minutes and if it looks dry pour some Diet Coke over it. The Egg will do the rest.

At 5:30, I texted Jules and asked what the temperature was. She responded "good 315-320". She and my five year old girl then went to the neighbor's for a visit and got home at 6:20 and checked the bird. Jules asked Lucy what she thought about the bird, and Lucy said it looked like it needed a shower. A drizzle of Diet Coke added, they closed the lid. The boys and I got home about 25 minutes later. I stuck the thermometer in and we were at desired temp. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I told Jules she did a great job for her first time cooking on the Egg and she said she didn't do anything but check on the bird. The Egg did all the work. Cooking on the Egg is just that easy. Get it to the desired temp, leave it alone, check on it now and then, and deliciousness ensues!

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