Spa Struggles? We've Got You Covered!

April 18, 2016

Spa Cover Valet and Cover Rock-it cover liftersYour Spa Cover is an important part of maintaining your spa and conserving energy.  It helps keep debris out of your water and it helps maintain the temperature of your water.  In order to do that they need to be a bit thick and cover the whole surface of your spa.  Sometimes they can absorb water.  All of this adds up to a potential struggle when it's time to remove the cover and use the spa.  It's always easy with two people, but sometimes you want to use the spa by yourself and don't have any handy help.  Those are the times when a cover lift really shine.  Leisure Depot carries two options for cover lift systems. The Rock-It pivots the cover off with minimal effort.  The Cover Valet features a hydraulic assist that allows you to flip the cover up using just a couple of fingers!  Both systems keep the cover off the ground to keep it clean and avoid any damage from rough concrete or ground debris.  Once you've used a cover lift, you'll never want to go without one.  Come in to Leisure Depot to see both of our options and talk to our Spa Specialists about the best solution for you.

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