I Can See Clearly Now

May 09, 2016

Clean and clear pool 


Is cloudy pool water spoiling your visions of crystal clear liquid relaxation?  No one wants cloudy water in their pool.  Fortunately there are some simple solutions to this problem.  Vacuuming is typically the easiest solution but, as you may have experienced, vacuuming can also stir up debris and actually make things worse.  If this has happened to you, you may need a way to enhance your pool's normal filtration.  If you have a sand filter, this is usually the time to use a clarifier or floc agent.  These chemicals work to either help the filter grab smaller particles from your water or force the smaller particles to clump together to allow the filter to grab them.  If you have a cartridge filter, you can use a natural enzyme combined with a neat vacuum trick.  You flip your manual vacuum over in the center of the pool with the bottom of the vacuum pointed towards the sky.  This creates a kind of bottom drain effect, enhances the pool circulation, and allows you to filter 100% of your pool water.  If these solutions don't clear up your problem (and your pool water!) bring a sample into the water test experts at Leisure Depot.  It's possible your water could be running low on chlorine or an imbalanced alkalinity.  It's always a good idea to test your water every couple of weeks to check for chemical balance issues.  Most importantly, don't worry!  We'll have you floating in clean, clear, refreshing water in no time.

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