AquaChek Your Way To Easy Pool Maintenance!

May 13, 2016

Remember back in grade school when you were assured you'd use all that math in daily life?  Well if you're reading the back of your chemical bottles and figuring out how much of each you need to add to balance your pool water, you'd realize you really DO use all that math!  But... maybe you don't have to.  Technology continues to make our lives easier in many ways on a daily basis.  At Leisure Depot we're very happy to test your pool water for you and provide guidance on how to best maintain your pool.  But do you really need to bring us a water test multiple times a week?  Of course not!  We recommend bringing us your water every couple of weeks or so.  In between, there are a variety of options for you to self test your water.  One of the neatest, most advanced, methods is the Aquachek app and test strips.  The AquaChek app is available for free for both android and iOS platforms.  It asks you some questions about your pool so it can calculate the volume of water in your specific pool and then you use the Aquachek Test Strips to test your water.  You compare the colors that show up on the strips with the colors in the app on your phone or device.  Speaking of which, having those colors in your app alone is a great advancement.  Some of you may remember the old test strip bottles with the colors on the side of the bottle.  That's great and convenient... until you let the bottle sit in the sun and the colors fade!  That won't happen with the Aquachek app.  Once the app knows about your pool and you pick the colors that match your test strip results, the app tells you exactly how much chemicals to add and in which order to get your pool water balanced perfectly.  No more calculations, no more math!  Now you can use your math skills to calculate how much extra fun time you have at the pool since your maintenance is so much faster and easier!  Come into Leisure Depot, pick up some Aquachek Test Strips, download the app, and simplify your pool maintenance today!


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