Keep Your Spa Clean By Keeping It Au Naturel

October 02, 2018


Just like Las Vegas, what goes in your spa, stays in your spa!  The more careful you are about what goes into your spa, the cleaner you can keep your water. Did you know that one of the biggest causes of dirty water is the every day products people put on their skin? Lotions, make up, soap, and similar beauty supplies all typically come into the spa with you and often end up staying in the spa when you get out. This can result in cloudy water and reduced filtration.

Another common source of contaminants in your spa water is detergent from your bathing suit which can cause foamy water. If you're having trouble with cloudy or foamy spa water, these are things to consider.  Another possibility is cartridge cleaner that hasn't been thoroughly rinsed away after treating your filter.

The filter is the heart of clean spa water and all of these things that are brought into your spa water will eventually hit your filter.  Keeping your filter clean is essential to help remove these contaminants from your spa water. It only takes a few minutes to clean your filter.  A good rule of thumb is to clean your filter weekly and buy new filters once a year. You might even consider getting an extra filter and rotating the filters on a regular basis.

Leisure Depot sells filter cleaning solutions that help break down these common water contaminants and make your filters clean better and last longer.  If cleaning your filter doesn't help clear your water, bring a sample in to Leisure Depot for a free water analysis.

So leave the lotions, beauty products, and maybe even the bathing suit behind when you use your spa and keep it clean by keeping it au naturel!

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