Clean Clear Pool Water

May 05, 2015

Imagine a lazy warm morning. You slip out of bed, step outside, and dive into your crystal clear pool for a swim. You haven't touched pool maintenance in months and you don't intend to. Sound like a fantasy? That's because it is. Clean clear water is the most welcome addition to any pool but unfortunately it doesn't stay that way by itself. You need to spend at least some time maintaining the chemical balance in your water in order to keep it clean and clear.

All sanitizing systems will require monitoring of pH, alkalinity, stabilizer, and calcium hardness. It doesn't matter if you have a salt system, Simple Salt Hybrid System, FROG system, or chlorine tablets. It's the balance of these chemicals that maintains the quality of your pool water and if they get out of balance, you'll see the results in your water.

If pH is low for an extended period it will eat away at the metal components of your pool like your pump. If pH is running high, it can cause cloudy water and reduce the effectiveness of your chlorine treatments. pH imbalance can also cause other issues like mineral stains on your liner.

Similarly to pH imbalance, an alkalinity imbalance will make it hard to balance your pH and your chlorine levels. 

A low calcium level in your pool water may pit your liner, and a high calcium level can cause scaling on your liner.

Stabilizer is very important to effective chlorine treatment and helps prevent the sun from burning off your chlorine too quickly. If your stabilizer is too high, it can create "chlorine lock" where you have plenty of chlorine in the water but the stabilizer prevents the chlorine from functioning properly to sanitize the pool water. If stabilizer gets too low, the sun will burn away your chlorine very quickly.

All this may sound like a lot to consider but fortunately Leisure Depot can provide a professional water analysis for free.  We'll help you understand how to adjust your chemicals so everything is just right and we'll give you your best shot at clean clear water. Just bring in a water sample every other week and we'll help you keep your pool as well balanced as a tightrope walker (not unbalanced like Great Aunt Edna)!

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