Prescription Hot Tubs!

April 20, 2015

You've seen the inviting warm bubbling waters plenty of times, but did you know your doctor can actually prescribe a hot tub for you? If you've got certain health issues, hydrotherapy might be just what the doctor ordered!


Hydrotherapy can...

Reduce muscle tension and relieve pain

Have you noticed the body's tendency to float in water?  Well all that weightlessness relieves tension in the limbs, supports aching muscles, and makes movement much easier than when on land.  Hydrotherapy also releases endorphins, acting as a natural pain reliever, and further reducing muscle soreness. Endorphins also help reduce stress. All of this adds up to a great way to recover after training, a long day at work, or just to unwind and feel refreshed at the end of your day.

Rehabilitate injured muscles

Have you ever noticed your skin getting a little more red after a soak in hot water?  That rise in body temperature increases blood flow throughout your circulatory system. Increased blood flow means more oxygen rich blood going throughout your body and helping to heal injured tissues and rehabilitate damaged muscles or joints.

Boost the immune system

That increased blood flow also carries white blood cells and helps push lymph (an immune system fluid that collects and eliminates unwanted materials) throughout the body, thus increasing the rate of cleansing and boosting your immune system.

Only your doctor can tell you if you actually need hydrotherapy to treat a medical issue so ask them about your specific situation and see if you can get a prescription.  Even if you don't need a prescription, the health benefits are still there.  Incorporating hydrotherapy into your life can help you feel great - just like it feels great to soak in the soothing heat and pulsing jets of your very own hot tub!

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