Fire Up The Fabulous!

May 19, 2015

Ever sit around a fire on a beautiful night and watch the mesmerizing flames dance before your eyes as you enjoy a delicious beverage and drink in the nature around you?  There's something primal about fire that seems to speak directly to our souls.  Why not capture that experience at a whole new level of comfort with a fire table?  They make a beautiful centerpiece to your backyard furniture set.  Now is the perfect time to add a fire table to your backyard oasis, while we still have the occasional chill in the evening air.  A fire table provides an excellent source of warmth as well as incredible ambiance for your evening relaxation.  

Leisure Depot carries twelve different models of propane based fire tables in a variety of sizes and materials ranging from chat height to bar height and cast aluminum to granite.  Select from a wide array of fire glass to add that extra shine and sparkle to your flame!  Stop by Leisure Depot today and talk to one of our Leisure Living Specialists about which fire table would be perfect to light up your nights and add the perfect spark to your outdoor living.

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