Picking Perfect Patio

June 05, 2015

You've figured out what a wonderful world awaits you right outside your door.  You're ready to create a great space in the midst of your backyard beauty.  So how do you select some spectacular furniture from which to appreciate your amazing atmosphere?  The choices can seem overwhelming at first.  There are many styles of outdoor furniture: Cast Aluminum, Aluminum, Poly Furniture, Wicker, Enhanced All-Weather Wicker, Teak, Wrought Iron, Sling, and Steel.  The first step is to determine which furniture will hold up best when subjected to the whims of Mother Nature!

For a humid and hot environment like the one in Charleston, Steel, Wrought Iron, and Tubular Steel would not be the best choices.  In this environment, all of those styles will quickly succumb to rust which will weaken the furniture and can lead to stains on your patio.  The key to this environment is to look for materials and workmanship that will resist rust, survive the strong sun, and stave off the salt and humidity.  Prime candidates are Cast Aluminum, Aluminum, Poly Furniture, and Enhanced All-Weather Wicker.  All of these materials are strong and built to withstand varying weather conditions.  Most are also resistant to fading and will look great for years to come.  Besides beauty and strong workmanship, each style has benefits that lend themselves to different situations and decor.  Let our Leisure Living specialists show you all the options and help you select the ideal style for you.

Leisure Depot has put together the largest selection of quality outdoor furniture in the low country.  Our showroom is a great place to come see the many options you have available from configurations, to styles, and fabric choices. Our specialists make sure to choose products that will thrive in our local environment and that are made to "last a lifetime."  We also make sure we keep many of our selections in stock to allow you to pick up your perfect patio set the same day you find it in many cases!  You can design your dream, purchase your patio, and sit in splendor all on the same day!

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