It's Mean, It's Green, And It Used To Be My Pool!

June 29, 2015

Summer has officially arrived in the Low Country and if you haven't opened your pool for the season by now, you have a higher possibility of discovering some green in your yard that isn't your grass! Why?  It's hard to keep a chemical balance in your pool when you're not actively using it.  A couple of prime contributors to the algae fun parade are low pH and low stabilizer.  Low pH water will oxidize chlorine much more quickly than properly balanced pool water.  The increased rate can be as dramatic as twice as fast or even more.  With low pH, it's hard to keep any chlorine in the water.  Low stabilizer also increases the rate at which chlorine burns off.  Stabilizer, also known as conditioner, helps hold chlorine in the water, which helps keep the water nice and clear.

Keep in mind it's hot out there this time of year.  The sun burns bright and heats up everything including your pool water.  For every ten degrees of water temperature rise, beginning with water temperature of about 70 degrees, you will need about 25% more chlorine in your pool water.  This is because chlorine gasses off at high rates as the water heats up. It's common at this time of year to have pool temperatures in the high 80's or even into the low 90's.  A pool with a water temperature of 90 degrees will need 50% more chlorine than when the water was around 70 degrees back in late April or early May.  Make sure you account for water temperature when you add chlorine to your pool.

Of course, we are always here to help with pool water and are happy to assist you in getting your pool into the best possible condition.  If you just pulled back your winter cover and a swamp you once called your pool is staring back at you, don't run for the hills!  Just grab a water sample, come on in to the showroom and we can help put together a remedy to restore your pool back to the clean shimmering oasis of fun and relaxation you love.  And if you just want to add some outdoor fun to your splash zone, come in and see us for some great deals.  We have all the fun, come get yours.

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