Further Adventures in Big Green Egg Ownership

September 01, 2015

So it has been about a month now since I purchased my XL Big Green Egg.  And I have a new report for you.  I have done wings, 3 grill sessions in a row, and I think I have now gotten to a level of perfection. But perfection is subjective, so I have a story to tell.   

I have consistently bought the same 16 piece pack from my local grocery store, and slow cooked the wings in the 250-275 degree range.  I have dry rubbed the wings with a brown sugar bourbon rub, and then doused them with some Texas Pete to give them a little kick.  

My first time out, I cooked them to the appropriate temperature, and then took them off the Egg with some soft skin.  I then brought the remaining wings to work and re-heated them on the store's Burn Unit Egg at a low temperature and invited everyone to enjoy.  The staff was very pleased.

Two days and a day off later, I cooked wings again on my Egg the same way, and brought leftovers to reheat on the Burn unit again.  After putting them on the Large Egg at 350, to reheat, I helped a customer and went to the Egg and noticed it was at 450.  Skin side was down, and asked a teammate to take the wings off.  Thinking I had burned the wings, invited my teammates to have at it.  What they said was intriguing.  They liked this round better than the first.  Apparently the high heat gave the wings a crunchier skin and smokier flavor that tasted better.  

So I hope the third time's the charm.  I did wings again tonight, except this time, I slow cooked them to temperature, then flipped them to skin down and opened the vents to get higher heat to crisp the skin.  

I think I perfected wings on my Egg.  Crunchy skin, tender and moist meat, and a household of satisfied customers.  Perfection is subjective, but according to my family, this Daddy Chef crushed it.    

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