To Cover or Not to Cover

September 11, 2015

Many people ask should I cover my pool.  I say the answer is up to the pool owner.  I have been a long time pool owner and I have done both.  For a few years, there was a very large oak tree about 4 feet from my pool and if I did not have the cover on the pool by the end of September, I was knee deep in leaves.  Putting a cover on your pool can save you money, and a lot of time and heart ache in the spring when it is time to open the pool.  

However, I no longer have that tree hovering over my pool, so the last few years I have chosen to not cover my pool.  I actually prefer it this way, because when I look out in the backyard, I see my beautiful pool.  During the colder months, it raises my spirits knowing that in the spring we will be back to the family fun in our pool!  

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are deciding if you will cover your pool or not.  I would say if there are trees close to the pool, cover it.  If you are of the mindset that you do not want to maintain your pool through the fall and winter, cover it.  If you want to save some money on chemicals and electricity, cover it.  

If you choose not to cover your pool, you will still need to do your regular maintenance on your pool, but it will give you a nice setting for your backyard through the fall and winter.  I love it when the family goes out in the cooler evenings and we light up the fire pit and make s’mores with the pool fountain and lights on.  It makes for nice scenery.  

Whatever you choose, Leisure Depot has what you need.  We have pool covers at the lowest prices, and we are here your round for all of your pool needs.

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