Did All Our Ice Melt? Not Yeti!

September 29, 2015

So this is why it's fun to work at Leisure Depot. Yeah, I know, the commercial tag line is "We have all the fun". But it is TRUE! Y'all know I bought my XL Big Green Egg not too long ago, and today I bought something else. Leisure Depot has been carrying Yeti Coolers for about a year now. No pun intended, but they are "wildly" popular and sell like crazy. I couldn't figure it out. They are heavy and expensive. But customers swear by them. Then, I had an Airforce customer tell me that he had been stationed in Quatar, and that the guys on the flight deck in 140 degree heat had a Yeti and it held the ice for 5 days. I said, if you say so, it must be true. Must be worth the cost. But again, I thought, they are just so heavy, my wife couldn't ever take one to the beach. And then we got the Hoppers into the store. The Hopper is a soft pack, shoulder strap carrying beach weight Yeti cooler. My wife is driving from Charleston to Connecticut in a couple weeks and I thought the Hopper would be a great car cooler, keep drinks and snacks cold, and light weight enough for my 10 year old to carry to the hotel room, and only use one 10lb bag of ice for the 1000 mile trip. So...without her knowledge or approval, I bought the Yeti Hopper 30 and surprised her when I got home. Needless to say she was super excited, but immediately wanted to put the name to the test. We have half a 10lb bag of ice in our Playmate cooler and the other half in the Hopper. Here are the pictures from before and after a twelve hour period that show the results.  Looks like Yeti lives up to the reputation!

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