Prime Your Property With The Perfect Pergola

October 26, 2015

Did you know that Leisure Depot now has Pergolas available to enhance your outdoor space? There are many reasons why installing a pergola will not only improve your lifestyle but also increase the value of your home. The right pergola will add style and finish to your home and give your property a more complete setting within the landscape surrounding your home.


Increase the Value of your Property

Whether it’s a suburban oasis or a sprawling country style veranda, adding an outdoor structure will add value to your property. By installing a pergola or patio you are effectively increasing the floor space of your home. As the popular ‘outdoor room’ gains momentum, a pergola will give your home the edge over a property that has not yet taken advantage of the extra space and comfort that an outdoor area can provide.


Landscaping and gardening

Installing a pergola or veranda can add a wonderful focal point to any garden or landscaped area. Planting vines and creepers beside your pergola can bring a lush and vivid beauty to your home. A classic wisteria or grape vine would add a touch of elegance to any pergola. Planting a fruit bearing vine such as a passion fruit or sweet smelling jasmine vine would surround your patio with blossoming buds and fresh fragrance all through the year. For instant color and aroma you could simply add pots of blooming annuals and herbs that you can find at any garden center.


The Great Outdoors

Charlestonians love spending time outdoors and what better way to increase your comfort in your own backyard than by building a pergola or veranda. Installing a pergola will allow you to spend a lot more time outside when perhaps it might not have been possible or comfortable without one. A covered outdoor area would let you savor a hot cup of tea on a rainy afternoon and yet still enjoy the sensation of being outside. The blistering hot days of summer would no longer prevent you from enjoying time outdoors with a shady, covered oasis.



The Bold and the Beautiful

A modern and dynamic or discretely designed pergola can add beauty and style to any home. With so many materials and designs to choose from any home renovator or anyone looking to increase the re-sale value of a property will find a solution to improve the outside and entry points to any home. From canvas and shade cloth to glossy and transparent color bond, flat roofs or gabled designs, home owners can make their selection to suit their taste and budget.


Space and Comfort

Adding more space and comfort to your home is reason enough to start thinking about pergolas and verandas. Entertainers will relish in the ambiance that a tastefully decorated pergola can bring to any party or gathering. Gardeners can enjoy their plants and flowers from the comfort of their patio. Families can enjoy a spontaneous alfresco dinner or weekend lunch under the cover of a pergola.

Bringing the inside out under a covered outdoor area will add value to your home and lifestyle by introducing a new kind of space and comfort to your home.  Come in and consult with our leisure living specialists on the perfect pergola for you!

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