A Mid-Winter Reflection on Big Green Christmas Cooking

February 22, 2016

Christmas is a long way off but recent enough to relate this Big Green Egg experience from our first family Christmas with our Big Green Egg. As a native New Englander, the basics of our Christmas feast growing up always included roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, and Yorkshire pudding. I was eager to make this treasure trove of goodness for our first Christmas with our Big Green Egg (the roast beef that is). There was one hiccup, my in-laws, not my parents, would be joining us for dinner. You see, my mother in-law doesn't eat red meat, and so she requested a turkey. She also requested a dinner time of around 2pm. Eager to please and try again at a better turkey than Thanksgiving, I said yes, we will do both!

 Vertical ceramic turkey roaster for Big Green Egg

I scoured the internet, Youtube, Big Green Egg Forums, etc. for advice on how to cook a Prime Rib Roast on the Egg, but also how to cook both the roast and a turkey at the same time. The roast videos said slow and low at 250, while the turkey calls for 325 at X minutes per pound. Then I found a post on the Big Green Egg Forum that said cook everything at 300, and just cook to temp. I took the cook at 300 advice but wanted everything to be done at the same time so I staggered the cooking times. Turkey first then prime rib.


We injected the bird with creole butter, and placed it on the Big Green Egg ceramic vertical roaster. I poured a can of beer and a stick of butter in the roaster, and drizzled EVO and patted the bird with salt and pepper.  I put the bird on the Egg at around 10:30 in the morning. After some serious Christmas gift opening and breakfast, I drizzled some EVO on the roast to absorb the Montana Steak rub (we moved to Charleston from Montana), wrapped it in foil and let it "soak" for a bit. I put the roast on around 1pm and let everything cook to temp. The bird finished first, and the roast followed soon thereafter.

 Prime Rib roast on the big green egg

The turkey was a hit for everyone. The white meat meat was juicy and the dark was perfect! My father in-law who gets to eat red meat when mom in-law is away, or when I cook it, loved the roast beef. I wasn't sure I could pull it off but I did with a victorious smile on my face. Simply put, there is nothing you can't do on the Big Green Egg. I hope that your feast was as delicious as ours!

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