Fire Up Your Christmas Wish List at Leisure Depot!

December 05, 2016

Christmas wish list guide for outdoor living

It's time again to share holiday cheer with all our loved ones. No matter the holiday you celebrate, we all appreciate the sentiments of peace and good will to all and we want the best for friends and family. Often that means trying to find the perfect gift to celebrate our togetherness and to show our love for each other. Leisure Depot is always happy to help you find great new ways to bring people together to celebrate and entertain in your own backyard. This year we're particularly fired up so let's bring the heat out for this holiday season.  Have you ever had the delight of sharing a warm delicious drink with family or friends while sitting around a flickering fire under a starry night sky? A fire pit is an amazing atmosphere around which to socialize and enjoy each other's company. If you already have a fire pit or table and want to add a little extra atmosphere or take a little more chill off the night, we suggest one or more quartz patio heaters. They are beautiful to look at, and a great source of heat to keep larger groups comfortable. If your space isn't quite right for a fire pit, these heaters are a great way to bring a similar atmosphere to a small or restricted space. Fire is great for other things than atmosphere and heat as all of our beloved Lowcountry Egg-heads already know! If you're the lucky owner of a Big Green Egg, the Ultimate Cooking Experience, you'll definitely want to check out our extensive selection of Big Green Egg-cessories! If you haven't tried the Big Green Egg yet, there's plenty of people who will tell you how great they are. Come see for yourself! We've got our Very Eggy Christmas event on December 10th and you can sample some of the delicious food we'll be cooking.

You may have noticed that the Low Country is a great place to live if you like to take advantage of the outdoors.  The temperature allows for outdoor living nearly year round. If you're a pool or spa owner, that means much more enjoyment from your favorite form of relaxation.  Why not consider a pool heater to truly make swimming a year round activity?  Imagine taking a refreshing swim in November or December.  How's THAT for a great reason to live in South Carolina? Or if you don't have one yet, stay warm with a soothing and effervescent soak in a Jacuzzi. If you prefer to keep things cool, our Yeti Coolers, Hoppers, and Flips are great ways to keep your favorite food or beverages well chilled and ready to go.  In fact, you may remember that some of us weathered power outages during the recent hurricane with a Big Green Egg and a Yeti cooler - what a great way to "rough it" at home.  This Christmas, there's something for everyone here at Leisure Depot.  Let us help you bring your family together, enjoy your home, and make some Christmas magic.  Come find the perfect gift for you and yours.  We have all the fun!  Come get yours.

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