Get Your Kicks With the Yeti Rambler Bottle

August 30, 2016

Yeti cooler and Rambler at BBQ

As most of you know, I am a YETI guy. I own a Hopper 30, 2 - Rambler 30's, a Rambler 10, and a Colster. Most recently I purchased my 11 year old the new 36 ounce Rambler Bottle for his birthday. He plays soccer and baseball and it holds a little more than the famed sports drink green plastic bottle. Then I bought my 8 year old the same one. Going into summer soccer and baseball camps, I know the YETI will keep their water colder longer and that is good for their hydration given our Southern heat.

My 11 year old made a team which involved travel. We booked a room but the hotel didn't have a fridge or offer breakfast. Enter our Hopper 30, our fridge for the weekend. We stocked it with a 2 gallon milk jug, plenty of waters and sodas for Momma and it lasted all weekend. The 36 ounce Rambler bottles have been great for the players AND family members in the stands. There is nothing like a YETI.  Leisure Depot stocks a large variety of YETI products.  Come see what YETI can do for you!

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