Keep it Simple and Flexible with the new Napoleon

October 31, 2016

Keep it Simple and Flexible with the New Napoleon


As you might imagine, when new products come to Leisure Depot, we're all very excited to see the new ways we have to help you create your own personal outdoor paradise. Just as one size never truly fits all, everyone has their own ideas about the perfect outside space. Well there's a new grill in town and maybe it fits your idea of the perfect grill better than anything you've seen before. You all know I'm a big fan of the Big Green Egg and that hasn't changed. This new grill, however, has a whole different approach. We all love the simplicity of a gas grill. Turn a knob, push a button, and you're (quite literally) cooking with gas! It's fast. It's easy. It gets the job done. Charcoal has a great flavor but can be more of a hassle, right? Messing with bags of charcoal, lighter fluid, finding the hot spots on the grill, etc. Well the new Napoleon is really something special. It is available as propane or natural gas for the primary cooking experience but you can also add on a special tray that allows you to cook with both gas AND charcoal at the same time on the same grill. What's more, you can light the charcoal directly from the tray - so no messing around with lighter fluid. It's a pretty amazing solution to giving you a great range of cooking flexibility.

Of course, the grills are the high-quality products that you expect from Leisure Depot. The high-end model even has integrated electricity with an electric starter (no more messing with batteries!) and a spare outlet for running whatever you might need to - including the electric rotisserie. They have special side burners that can heat to 1800 degrees in thirty seconds for searing and finishing the perfect steak. Plenty of stainless steel to handle Mother Nature all while keeping your family well fed with minimal fuss and muss. Come see us at Leisure Depot and check out the new Napoleon and figure out if it's the perfect fit for YOUR backyard!

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