Simple Steps to Swim Season!

May 21, 2018


Spring is here, and it is just about time to open up your swimming pool for the upcoming season. Here is some helpful information to assist you with opening your swimming pool.
  1. First thing you will want to do is remove any water or debris that is on your winter cover. You can use a cover pump or siphon to remove any standing water. Once all the water and debris is removed from your cover you will want to fold your cover in so any left over water does not contaminate your swimming pool. (You may need an extra set of hands to remove cover). 
  2. When cover is removed you should lay it out in yard and let dry so it will not get moldy during storage. (both sides)
  3. Next you will want to remove any winter plates or freeze plugs and attach your filter hoses and drain plugs back to your pump and filter system. 
  4. When all plumbed back up you will want to begin filling your pool back up to 2/3 the way up the skimmer so you have adequate water level to your pool. 
  5. When pool is done filling you will want to bleed all the air out of your filter system. Easiest thing to do is crack open your pump strainer pot basket to push the majority of the air out. You can also open the bleeder valve up on your filter system. 
  6. Once primed it is time to turn the pump back on and start filtering your water.
  7. Now you will want to remove any debris from your pool with your skimmer net and vacuum your swimming pool. 
  8. You should walk around you pool and look for any loose pieces and tighten them up. Do the same with your ladder before putting back into your swimming pool. 
  9. You should let your pump circulate for 48 hours before getting your first water test.
  10. Bring a water sample down to Leisure Depot and have your water professionally analyzed.



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