Surviving the Storm

October 04, 2016

Surviving the Storm - pool preparedness


Living in a region that must weather the occasional Hurricane, you hear a lot about preparing for big storms, but what about the storm impact on your swimming pool? For the most part, there's little you can do to prepare your pool itself for the harsh weather. However, make sure you factor in the usual risk of small items that might easily become dangerous projectiles in a strong wind - like your accessories, maintenance pole, vacuum, hoses, etc. Secure everything somewhere that the wind won't carry it away or hurl it into a structure. Resist the temptation to cover your pool.  High winds could simply tear the cover and then you're still not avoiding debris in your pool plus you'll need to replace the cover!

There is nothing you can do chemically speaking to prepare for the large influx of rain water and debris that is likely to enter your pool. Those factors will, however, impact your pH balance and other water chemistry so make sure you test your water after the storm and restore the chemical balance to your water. Also, make sure you return your water line to the normal operating level. If your skimmer is submerged completely, your filtration will not work properly and, in the case of above ground pools, the overflow could wash away some of your backfill.

Overall, your normal maintenance routine is best, even in the face of a coming storm. You don't have to worry too much about preparing your pool in advance, but make sure you check on it in the aftermath. Storms can be stressful. Stay safe during any major storm, take care of your pool after it passes, and enjoy a stress relieving swim after the clean up is done!

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