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March 02, 2015 2 Comments

When decorating a home, you may have heard of the idea of bringing natural accents into the house. This is often referred to as bringing the outside in. Well at Leisure Depot we're especially focused on bringing the inside out! Did you know that in many cases, you will have more square footage available outside your home than inside? That means you can add an amazing amount of utility to that space for much less than it would cost to add more square footage to the inside of your home. Imagine lounging in your outdoor living room, sipping a cool drink, surrounded by lush green grass, under a blue sky and warmed by the sun!

You can even cook up a midnight snack in your outdoor kitchen before or after a soak under the stars in your spa or a late night swim in your pool. The key is to make use of all that available space right outside your door. Of course, just like the living room in your house, a key feature of the living room outside your house will be seating.

When deciding on the patio furniture to feature at the heart of your outdoor living room, make sure to select furniture made to withstand the elements.  Leisure Depot has a wide selection of quality furniture that is specifically designed for outdoor use.  From cast aluminum, all-weather wicker, and extruded aluminum to teak and poly furniture, we're sure to have something that will suit the living space of your dreams. One thing to keep an eye out for is a center piece that is made with a variety of colors, shapes, or textures.  This will open up your design options and provide an even wider selection of chairs and cushions that complement each other and suit your personal style.

Next consider what kind of outdoor activity you like best.  A soak in a spa under the stars, a refreshing swim in the pool, grilling up dinner, or just relaxing in a comfortable patio set.  Our specialists at Leisure Depot can help recommend furniture and accessories to complete the perfect personalized outdoor living space for you.  Why not start living your life inside out today?

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August 30, 2016

Please check out all the kitchens at the following link:

There are images of all of the kitchens we carry with all of the options for each! I will be passing your information on to one of our kitchen specialists to follow up with the pricing. Thank you!


August 23, 2016

What the price and pictures of out door kitchen

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