Juicy Lucy on the Egg

September 01, 2016 1 Comment

The Juicy Lucy burger on the Big Green Egg

Have you ever heard of the Juicy Lucy? A Juicy Lucy is a cheeseburger backwards. The cheese is stuffed into the burger patties and melts inside as it cooks. I first saw this concept on a cooking channel show a while back and thought, this is AWESOME! I had tried it on my old grill previously, but not knowing what my grill temp was, I ruined it. Based only on the show, and not knowing how long to cook the burgers on each side to make sure the cheese was melted, I over cooked the burgers.

Even after owning my XL Egg for almost a year now, and having cooked so many delicious meals, Julie said that we haven't cooked Juicy Lucy burgers. I took that as a challenge. So tonight I fired up the Egg, pattied up the burgers (1/4lb burgers), and stuffed them with Pepper Jack. Got the Egg to 400 and cooked for 4 minutes per side.

The end result was the Juiciest Lucy burger I have ever had. The Big Green Egg is something special. You really do have to try something from the Egg to understand the quality of taste. Thankfully Leisure Depot hosts many events where we cook on the Egg. There is nothing like it. If you would like a taste test, bring whatever you would like to cook to the store. We will fire up our burn unit and cook your lunch for you. Taste for yourself how amazing the Big Green Egg really is and why we call it the Ultimate Cooking Experience!

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Paulette L LePine
Paulette L LePine

October 03, 2016

We have made a deposit on our Large Egg. Is your Cooking demonstration still scheduled for October 15? What time?

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