Try A Swim Spa For A New You!

January 04, 2017 1 Comment

New swim spa for a new you

New Year's Resolutions. They inspire us to start on new goals, or reaffirm our aspirations towards old ones. One thing seems certain, by February or March, they become largely forgotten remnants of the New Year Past. If your New Year's Resolution includes a healthier you, perhaps a Swim Spa is something to consider.

Swim Spas are getting a lot of attention lately and sales have been strong. This is likely due to several reasons.  First of all, they offer a larger body of water than a standard spa, but still occupy much less space than a swimming pool. Then there are the health benefits. The first of the modern kind of hot tubs were designed specifically to treat a severe form of arthritis. The benefits of hot, circulating water, are many when it comes to pain relief. Enhancing your body's circulation allows the blood to flow more freely throughout your body, carrying oxygen and nutrients and invigorating your system. Add in hydro therapy jets to pinpoint pain or massage related areas and the soothing benefits of a hot tub increase.  

On top of all that, a Swim Spa adds the benefit of low impact exercise. A powerful jet provides resistance and the spa is large enough for you to swim against the stream of water - much like running on a treadmill, except in this case you're swimming! The buoyancy of the water lowers the impact of gravity on your joints and muscles, and the hot water enhances your circulation. Not only is it a unique form of exercise, it's better for you than running (thanks to reduced stress on your joints) or many other forms of higher stress activities.  

Best of all, you can do it in the convenience of your own back yard, AND you can do it year round. We don't see much snow in this part of the world, but if we did, there's little more amazing than soaking or swimming in your hot tub as snow falls around you. If this sounds like a great way to fulfill your New Year's Resolution and keep it going past the first couple of months next year, you're right! Come talk to one of our specialists at Leisure Depot and see what kind of Swim Spa might be right for you. Happy New Year from all of us at Leisure Depot.

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William Roten
William Roten

June 08, 2020

Outstanding buying experience.!! We were welcomed upon entering the showroom and directed to the pools that were on display. Jeromy Suggs came to assist and thoroughly explained the differences among the available pools. Jeromy was knowledgeable about the pool we wanted and quickly assessed our needs in replacing our 21 year old pool. Looking forward to our post installation celebration! Well Done Leisure Depot!!

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