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Hardwood to Aluminum: Why An Egg Table

Hardwood to Aluminum: Why An Egg Table 0

Do you use the standard nest for your egg? Have you experienced your egg almost becoming scrambled when moving it in a nest? Do you crave the Ultimate Cooking Eggsperience? If you answered “yes”, please don’t wait any longer to make your experience more efficient with a table for your Big Green Egg.

Keep Your Spa Clean By Keeping It Au Naturel 0

Just like Las Vegas, what goes in your spa, stays in your spa!  The more careful you are about what goes into your spa, the cleaner you can keep your water. Did you know that one of the biggest causes of dirty water is the every day products people put on their skin?.....  

Simple Steps to Swim Season! 0

Spring is here, and it is just about time to open up your swimming pool for the upcoming season. Here is some helpful information to assist you with opening your swimming pool....


Food, Wine, and Big Green Eggs 0

Okay, so I was pretty excited. Charleston is known for it's lowcountry cuisine and culinary masterminds. Heck, even this season of Top Chef was located in Charleston! So why was I excited? This year, Leisure Depot was invited to help Big Green Egg at the annual Charleston Wine & Food Festival.....

Try A Swim Spa For A New You! 0

New Year's Resolutions.  They inspire us to start on new goals, or reaffirm our aspirations towards old ones.  One thing seems certain, by February or March, they become largely forgotten remnants of the New Year Past.  If your New Year's Resolution includes a healthier you, perhaps a Swim Spa is something to consider......

Fire Up Your Christmas Wish List at Leisure Depot! 0

It's time again to share holiday cheer with all our loved ones. No matter the holiday you celebrate, we all appreciate the sentiments of peace and good will to all and we want the best for friends and family. Often that means trying to find the perfect gift to celebrate our togetherness and to show our love for each other. Leisure Depot is always happy to help you find great new ways to bring people together to celebrate and entertain in your own backyard......

Light Up Your Nights 0

As the clocks roll back and our days shift, it will start to get dark "sooner."  You may already know that a little bit of light makes the dark more fun.  What's more fun that sitting around a flickering fire while enjoying food, drink, and fun times with friends and family?

Keep it Simple and Flexible with the new Napoleon 0

As you might imagine, when new products come to Leisure Depot, we're all very excited to see the new ways we have to help you create your own personal outdoor paradise. Just as one size never truly fits all, everyone has their own ideas about the perfect outside space. Well there's a new grill in town and maybe it fits your idea of the perfect grill better than anything you've seen before.....

No Power, No Problem 0

Charleston, South Carolina, is a great place to live.  Unfortunately it is also a bit prone to hurricanes.  This past week we were hit by Hurricane Matthew.  Thankfully it was on the lower end of the scale in terms of strength and the damage in my area was minimal, though some were not as lucky.  That said, my family did lose power for 72 hours. Fortunately, I was prepared.

Surviving the Storm 0

Living in a region that must weather the occasional Hurricane, you hear a lot about preparing for big storms, but what about the storm impact on your swimming pool?.....

Juicy Lucy on the Egg 1

Have you ever heard of the Juicy Lucy? A Juicy Lucy is a cheeseburger backwards. The cheese is stuffed into the burger patties and melts inside as it cooks. I first saw this concept on a cooking channel show a while back and thought, this is AWESOME!

Get Your Kicks With the Yeti Rambler Bottle 0

As most of you know, I am a YETI guy. I own a Hopper 30, 2 - Rambler 30's, a Rambler 10, and a Colster. Most recently I purchased my 11 year old the new 36 ounce Rambler Bottle for his birthday. He plays soccer and baseball and it holds a little more than the famed sports drink green plastic bottle.....